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    SG-U Stargates.

    September 4, 2011 by Gormagon

    I really do not like the Stargates used in SG Universe. The comparatively delicate nature, and the fact that there are NO DHD's which limets the effective range. That being my largest problem.

    I accept that the Stargates made by the Seed ships are supposed to be older then the Milky Way gates, (Even though in Amelius's notebook it is a Milky Way gate model.) But I wish they had just kept the MW gate. Also, Destiny was launched 1 million years ago, why does it have a crappy gate? MW gates can still lock with an SG-U gate.

    Plus, I hate the no D.H.D thing. So lame, and why? The first wave of Seedships could chart the galaxy, make the Stargates and then the second wave can make the D.H.D's instead of Stargates.

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  • Gormagon

    Ok, so the loser vandalist is back again. I just fixed most of the bull crap things he did to the site. I thinks its the same guy because he uses the same simplistic language algorithums. He chose a good name though, Golanjarlath. Dumb, noisy, smelly. Yup. When hes blocked he will have to got hrough the trouble of making another account lol.

    As far as the content of this wiki go's, im still not sure what exactly is allowed to be put on the site. I know its still under construction. I suppose i can understand the no uber races rule, although the Shrin'Yar, mentioned on the Tka-Tko-Tka page, are an uber race. Also, the Tka-Tko-Tka are already named on Stargate wikia, as the Stragoth. I dont know if that changes anything. But id still really l…

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