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Aschen Confederacy


Aschen Confederacy

First Appearance

Episode: 2001

The Aschen are an advanced human species that have developed technology centuries ahead of Earth. They are not explorers, and are hesitant to travel outside their own Confederation. However, they are quite interested in increasing their knowledge about the rest of the galaxy.

Aschen personality is quite different when compared to those of the Tau'ri, and most other encountered human civilizations. They have little to no outwardly expressed personality, or even expressed emotions in general, they seem to lack a sense of humor and can appear quite arrogant. This has led Colonel Jack O'Neill to call the Aschen a race of "accountants". The Aschen compensate for these faults with their extreme intelligence and practicality. Because of this practicality, the Aschen tend to think on a long-term basis, sometimes planning centuries ahead. As a result, the Aschen are renowned for their patience. Also, they are very perceptive, and can recognize problems long before they present themselves as such. Aschen fashion consists predominantly of grey uniform-like tunics. They are also sensitive to loud sounds, such as gun shots. The Aschen home planet, Aschen Prime, was presumed destroyed in 2001 by a black hole.

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